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Wil.Ma Espresso Sugar Bar Scrub


Enhancing your skin is the best way to protect it from bacteria and dehydration! This coffee & sugar massage scrub bar is a very beneficial ingredient to help with aging, dry skin and moisturizing. Leaving you soft & relieving tension!


This massage bar with extra pressure, espresso and shea butter melts into the skin quickly for a smooth and sensual experience! 


Rinse with cool water


My product melts on contact with skin which means it also melts easily in warmer weather.

Wil.Ma Espresso Sugar Bar

  • Test small areas

    Use daily for best results

    Mixture: Soap Base, Coconut oil, Coffee, B12, Collagen


    (final sale)

    ✓ 100% natural and hand-crafted

    ✓ Responsibly sourced ingredients

    ✓ Benzalkonium Chloride


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